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Vital – The Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies

Street address:   12 Vital Street, Tel Aviv 66088
Telephone number:   972 3 681 2715
Fax number:   972 3 681 2716
Proprietor:   Private organisation
Contact:   David Grossman and Yaki Molcho Co-Directors

Vital – The Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies was established in 1987. Located in a renovated ice factory in the Florentin section of southern Tel Aviv, the school offers full-time four-year programmes of study in Graphic Design, Illustration and Product Design leading to a BA (Honours) degree in Design. The programmes of study are validated by Middlesex University of London. The school currently has a student body of 350 students and a faculty of 80. Vital is active regionally and internationally and is keen to establish wider contacts and exchanges throughout the world. At the present time it is active in the Middle East Design Forum which promotes design through contacts between Israeli and Palestinian designers and architects; it is also active in ICOGRADA and ICSID activities and maintains exchanges of students, projects and lecturers with schools in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Every year the school organises the ‘FestiVital’ (see p XX), during which leading designers from all over the world are invited to lead workshops with Vital students and related lectures and exhibitions are held. At other times of the year, important exhibitions are held at the historic Reading Power Station located at the mouth of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv. Exhibitions of Israeli graphic and product design are also organised frequently by Vital and travel throughout the world.