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Israel Conservatory of Music

Street address:   19 Stricker Street, Tel Aviv
Mailing address:   P O Box 21502, Tel Aviv 62006
Telephone number:   972 3 546 0524
Fax number:   972 3 605 5169
Contact:   Ms Daniella Rabinovits Director

The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv was founded in 1943 by known musicians who had immigrated to Israel in this period. The Conservatory is a centre of creativity for future musicians and provides for their present needs. Up to 600 students up to the age of 18 receive a wide and intensive musical education here, and some of these are expected to continue on to a professional musical career. Most attend the conservatory for the 12 years of primary education and write matriculation exams in music as an integral part of their general education. In addition to acquiring technical skills, students may join the orchestras, choirs and chamber groups of the Conservatory, all of which give public concerts throughout the year.