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Ekron Museum of the History of Philistine Culture

Street address:   Kibbutz Revadim, Shiqmin Region
Mailing address:   Kibbutz Revadim, Mobile Post Shiqmin 79820
Telephone number:   972 8 858 8762
Fax number:   972 8 858 8783
Proprietor:   Kibbutz Revadim (Kibbutz Artzi Movement) supported by the Culture and Arts Administration and Shiqmin Regional Council
Contact:   Nathan Edlin Curator
Opening hours:   9am-3pm Sun-Thurs, 9am-2pm Fri and holiday eves, 9.30am-5pm Sat and holidays; admission charge

The Ekron Museum of the History of Philistine Culture is a kibbutz museum which functions as an educational centre for Philistine history and culture. Within its 700 square-metre premises is displayed a permanent collection of archaeological findings from Tel Miqne Ekron, including 300 items of pottery. Also on display are photographs, diagrams and models of an ancient Philistine city. Visitors at the open-air ‘Philistine Life’ exhibit get a chance to observe ancient methods of olive oil production, weaving and pottery-making. Philistine religious rites are illustrated using an exact replica of an altar unearthed at the site and a reconstructed burial cave. Guided tours are available to those interested in the region’s geography and history and various interactive activities are available for schoolchildren.