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Beit Sholem Asch Museum

Street address:   50 Arlozorov Street, Bat Yam 59375
Telephone number:   972 3 506 4536
Fax number:   972 3 506 4536
Proprietor:   Municipality of Bat Yam supported by the Culture and Arts Administration
Contact:   Director
Opening hours:   8am-12pm Sun-Thurs, other times by appointment; no admission charge

The home of Hebrew author and Yiddish playwright Sholem Asch (1880-1957) has been restored and is now exhibited as it was when Asch made it his home in 1952. Sholem Asch was born in Poland in 1880. At the beginning of his career he wrote short stories in Hebrew, but later, under the influence of writer I L Peretz, he began to write in Yiddish. In 1904 he began to write plays. Relentless travel around the world saw his major plays such as The Shtetl, The Mother, Three Cities, The Prophet and The Nazarene staged in New York, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilna and elsewhere. His writings have been translated into 24 languages. Sholem Asch was also very active in the public sphere. He met with Haim Weizmann and chaired the Writers’ Committee alongside Albert Einstein in a campaign to save European Jewry and provide assistance to the Soviet Union. After his death in London in 1957 his family turned over the house, its furniture, his collections and his well-stocked library to Bat Yam Municipality, to be transformed into a museum, cultural centre and study centre. Asch’s study has remained unchanged. The room contains original paintings by Chagall, Pisarro and Gottlieb and a bust of Shalom Asch by sculptor Jacob Epstein.