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Dagon Collection Archaeological Museum of Grain Handling in Israel

Street address:   1 Plummer Square, Haifa 31003
Mailing address:   P O Box 407, Haifa 31003
Telephone number:   972 4 866 4221
Fax number:   972 4 866 4211
Proprietor:   Dagon Grain Silos Israel Ltd
Contact:   Michael Sharan General Manager
Opening hours:   Guided tours in Hebrew, English and German available from 10.30am daily by prior arrangement; no admission charge

The Dagon Collection illustrates the history and evolution of grain handling and storage in Israel from the Neolithic period until the present day. It comprises some 1,500 square metres of display space, in which are presented bronze ritual scythes from the early second millenium, ancient Egyptian wall paintings, pottery figures of bread bakers hailing from Hellenistic culture and inscribed licquor vessels. Models of the ultra-modern electrically-operated Dagon silos are also incorporated.