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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

Street address:   89 Hanasi Avenue, Mount Carmel, Haifa 34642
Mailing address:   P O Box 45134, Haifa 31451
Telephone number:   972 4 838 3554
Fax number:   972 3 837 9824
Proprietor:   Haifa Museum supported by the Eva Tikotin-Licht Foundation
Contact:   Ms Ilana Vingel Curator
Opening hours:   10am-4pm Sun-Mon and Weds-Thurs, 4pm-7pm Tues, 10am-1pm Fri and 10am-2pm Sat; admission charge

The only museum of its kind in the Middle East, the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art was established in 1959 through a joint initiative of Netherlands-based philanthropist Felix Tikotin and Abba Khoushy, then Mayor of Haifa. Located on Mount Carmel, the museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of Japanese art. The museum was donated the entire Tikotin collection of some 7,000 pieces, including paintings, prints, drawings, painted masks, textiles, antique illuminated manuscripts, ceramics, netsuke (miniature figurines), lacquer and metal work, ancient swords, applied art objects and modern Japanese art, which spans a display area of 650 square metres. The museum also incorporates the largest library of its kind in Israel, with some 3,000 books and scholarly publications on Japanese art and culture for the perusal of researchers, historians, students and artists. Besides its regular activities, the museum hosts related activities, such as lectures, films, demonstrations and classes, including courses in ikebana (Japanese flower-arranging), Zen meditation and Japanese language.