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Mitzpe Ramon Artists’ Colony

Street address:   Mitzpe Ramon, Hanegev Region
Mailing address:   Mitzpe Ramon, Mobile Post Hanegev 80650
Telephone number:   972 7 658 7411/3, 972 7 658 7415
Fax number:   972 7 658 7414
Proprietor:   Department for Rural and Urban Development, Negev Region, supported by the Jewish Agency
Contact:   Ms Ellie Peretz Director

Mitzpe Ramon Artists’ Colony was established in 1988 by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Jewish Agency. The government subsequently asked the latter to assume responsibility and initiative for the mission. The colony and its high school of the arts constitute a single organisation which prepares students for Ministry of Education matriculation examinations and university entrance requirements. Beside the standard school subjects, students study the various arts disciplines including visual arts, dance, drama, film and graphic design. The Jewish Agency has been an active partner in the development of the Artists’ Colony since its founding. Implementation of the initial stages of the Colony’s long-range development programme was aided by the Legacy Fund of New York. At present, the Artists’ Colony is an integral part of Partnership 2000, in which European communities are partnered with Ramat Negev – Mitzpe Ramon. The Swiss community’s contribution to the establishment of the new local high school, in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, is particularly noteworthy. The unique NAALEH 16 Project accepts young people from the FSU to the Colony in a special study programme, with the assistance of the Jewish Agency. Efforts invested in the Artists’ Colony have produced a varied artistic yield. Many graduates have been accepted to institutes of higher education in the arts and the number of Mitzpe Ramon high school students entitled to matriculation certificates has increased substantially. The colony incorporates a 35-apartment hostel.