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Israel Painters and Sculptors Association

Street address:   Artists’ House, 9 Alharizi Street, Tel Aviv 64244
Telephone number:   972 3 524 6685
Fax number:   972 3 522 6433
Contact:   Mrs Rachel Shavid Chairperson
  Mrs Elly Shaar Secretary

Founded in 1934 to assist needy artists and address their professional and social problems, the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association is a self-professed trades organisation which initiates and patronises artistic activities without taking a critical artistic stand. As an umbrella organisation the association handles the artist’s Israeli status along with foreign relations and liaisons with its international affiliate, as well as organising symposia and exhibitions and issuing catalogues. Four independent branches of the association in Tel Aviv (HQ), Jerusalem (Jerusalem Artists’ House, see p XX), Haifa (Haifa Artists’ House, see p XX) and Be’ersheva (Be’ersheva Artists’ House, see p XX) boast a membership of 1,500 artists and painters. Operating as independent, non-profit associations, these branches are responsible for ensuring proper representation of artists at exhibitions, workshops, symposia and other cultural activities. The relationship between the artist and the community is underscored, with joint activities involving municipal bodies, industry, labour unions and so on. Candidates’ applications are screened by a national professional panel of judges, which is elected on an annual basis. Membership of the Israeli association confers membership to the international one, free admission to museums in Israel and overseas, on-going information and participation in exhibits at the Artists’ Association’s galleries and competitions.