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Technion Symphony Orchestra and Choir

Mailing address:   Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Haifa 32000
Telephone number:   972 4 823 1595
Fax number:   972 4 823 1595
Web site:
Proprietor:   Non-profit organisation
Contact:   Prof Dalia Atlas Conductor and Music Director

The Technion Symphony Orchestra was established by Professor Dalia Atlas in 1963. Initially a group of just eight people, the orchestra has since grown into a full-sized performing orchestra and choir which seeks to cultivate the art of music in the scientific and technological atmosphere of the Technion. In this way the Technion was the first university in Israel to have its own permanent orchestra and choir. The Technion Symphony Orchestra and Choir consists of students, graduates, faculty members and staff of the Technion. It performs a varied repertoire from a wide range of styles as well as opera productions, both at the Churchill Auditorium, Technion City and in concerts around the country. Many students of excellence both in the sciences and in music have chosen to study at the Technion because of the chance to continue their musical studies side-by-side with engineering and science. Professor Atlas has given those students the opportunity to develop their musical talents with conducting lessons. Various endowment funds given by private individuals have been established at the Technion with a view to awarding prizes to outstanding students in the Technion Symphony Orchestra and Choir. Numerous internationally-known soloists have appeared in concert with the Technion Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra recently joined with the Atlas Camerata Orchestra, thereby receiving professional expertise and knowledge and generally raising the ranks of the Orchestra and Choir.