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The population of Israel currently stands at approximately six million. This figure includes some 340,000 Jewish settlers in the West Bank (150,000), Gaza (5,000), East Jerusalem (170,000) and the Golan Heights (15,000).

Over 90% of the population of Israel reside in urban areas. Principal centres of population include Jerusalem (602,000), Tel Aviv-Jaffa (353,000), Haifa (252,000), Rishon Lezion (171,000), Holon (164,000), Be'ersheva (157,000), Petah Tikva (155,000) and Netanya (152,000).

Some 80% of the total population are Jewish and 18% Muslim and Christian Arab; the remaining 2% is made up largely of Druze, Circassians, Bedouins and Samaritans.